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Technical Support

Requirements and Troubleshooting

  • Browser and Operating System Requirements. The following browsers and operating systems may be used to access our training. NOTE: No other browsers are supported.
    - Windows v7+
    - Internet Explorer v10+
    - Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
    - Google Chrome (latest version)
    - Safari v5.1+ on MAC

  • Enable JavaScript and Allow Pop-ups. To use our courses, you should configure your browser to allow pop-ups and enable JavaScript.

  • Clearing Browser Cache. At times you may need to clear out your Browser cache to ensure you are looking at the latest version of a website. Follow the link for Browser-specific steps to clearing out your Browser cache.

  • Most courses include video components with audio. The videos are part of the training courses. Many of the videos are accessed from the website and should be available from your computer.

  • Connection Speed. Our courses are best viewed using Internet connection speeds equivalent to broadband (Cable, DSL, etc) or faster.

  • If you continue to have trouble, please submit a support request.

Contact Technical Support

If you continue to have trouble accessing or viewing any of the MindCross online training courses please contact us using the information below. Someone will respond to your request within 24 hours.

Send us a support request

Submit a support requestSubmit a support request

Your Device Environment

For addition information about your user environment, please visit

If you've been asked to send us environment information, after you go to the above site, click the Copy button on that site at the top or bottom of the page, and then paste the copied information in an email. This will allow us to more quickly debug any issues you may be having.