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Course Curriculum

The MindCross Professional Development online training includes a variety of courses. Please read the information on this page carefully, before you begin.

If your school district or organization did not provide you with specific requirements about the training curriculum, use the information below to help familiarize yourself with what's available. Each course is worth one hour of professional development or continuing education credit.

Our training curriculum entails separate topics areas with different courses in each category. Most of the courses include an associated Course Highlights document. This document can be downloaded to your PC or device.

Most courses begin with a pre-assessment with 10 questions to help you decide what areas of the course you are most knowledgeable about and where you require additional information. The final test for each course encompasses the course content for the full one hour course, as you should be familiar with all the information in the course.

For specific information about the New Jersey Professional Development requirements, please visit the New Jersey Department of Education website.
Roll your cursor over the course title for a description of the class.

Alcohol and Drug (two 1-hour courses)

- Alcohol and Drug Awareness
- Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Bullying (two 1-hour courses)

- Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation
- Cyberbullying Primer

Child Abuse (one 1-hour course)

- Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect

Suicide Prevention (two 1-hour courses)

- Youth Suicide Awareness
- Youth Suicide Prevention

Miscellaneous (one 1-hour course)

- Bloodborne Pathogens